Become a client

Becoming a client is easy and we will guide you through the following steps:

  1. We will arrange a free, no obligation meeting with you (by telephone, skype or in person) to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and to give you a quote. Our quote is valid for three months, giving you plenty of time to make your decision or ask more questions
  2. Once you have decided that we are the right choice for you we will send you a ‘letter of engagement’ for your signature which will confirm the fees, the services we are undertaking and the date on which we are taking over.
  3. When we receive the signed letter of engagement we will set up all the relevant deadlines on our systems that we need to track and contact HMRC to advise them we are your new accountant
  4. If you had a previous accountant we will write to them, on your behalf, advising of the switch and requesting any relevant documentation they may hold. All accountants are expected to provide this information in a reasonable time and they will be familiar with this process
  5. We will keep you informed of progress throughout and answer any other questions you may have.

Throughout our relationship with you we will stay in regular contact in order to provide you with the agreed services and to check you are happy with the service you are receiving.

Contact today to arrange your FREE consultation and to discover how we can help you achieve more wealth and success.

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